Job Description:
Providing the customers with the application samples (if necessary) by managing the making of it and conducting the Sensory Evaluation. Activities Include:
 To manage all the jobs and responsibilities of her/his role in the company to support the business objectives
 To work closely with other Divisions – as a Team – to achieve Company Objectives
 To establish working relationship with other expertise centres.
 To help in evaluating the flavour samples applied in base that will be submitted to the customer.
 Making application samples – if necessary – which is submitted together with the flavours sample submission.
 To assist in application presentation to the customers.
 Flavouring evaluation on product/base which suitable in performance, impact, suitability, compatibility and acceptability.
 Developing and improving application bases and solving technical problems in flavour application.
 Sharing the flavour application knowledge to Sales/ Marketing.
 To conduct Sensory Evaluation / Sensory Analysis in Food Product.
 Have a regular meeting with Flavourist / Perfumist.
 To maintain a safe, clean, and organized laboratory environment.

 Bachelor’s Degree in Food Technology
 Practical experience in food product development, manufacturing and flavour applications.
 Well-developed olfactory and sensory skills.
 Ability to balance both analytical and intuitive thinking.
 Excellent communication and presentation skills Intermediate