Words From Fellow Alumni

My experience in Communication & PR was full with exciting projects and presentations. While other students were busy preparing for quizzes, we were busy brainstorming our ideas for wide range of projects. From weekly projects to final projects, personal and team projects. And now it really paid off. It has succesfully prepared me for the real broadcast news industry, the fast-paced working environment.

Astrid Wibisono (News Anchor & Producer at Kompas TV – Global Strategic Communicatio 2006)

Mechatronics memberikan dasar yang cukup dalam dan luas dari sisi mekanik, elektro, dan programming. Ini sangat berguna saat masuk ke industri, dan memberi kami kesempatan untuk explore ketiga bidang tersebut sebelum memilih untuk specialize di salah satunya.

Genesia Synclaire Tjoa (Automation Engineer at HF Mixing Group, Freudenberg – Mechatronics 2016)

Program Studi Information Technology di SGU bagi saya adalah paket lengkap untuk mempersiapkan mahasiswa dalam menghadapi dunia professional dengan tingkat kualitas internasional. Materi Pendidikan dan kurikulum di sesuaikan dengan kondisi dunia professional yang sedang berjalan sehingga pelajaran yang dipelajari pun adalah ilmu yang terkini.

Firman Muhtadi Susena (Department Head of Technical Compliance Solution at PT. Q2 Technologies – Information Technology 2005)

People usually said that what you’ve learned on campus won’t be completely applicable while doing your job in the future, but not in SGU! I learnt a lot during my time in SGU. I enhanced myself from both interships, SGU’s lecturer, classes, and many more! Especially having an international environment in campus and abroad intership make me easier to adapt, learn, and work in international working environment in Malaysia.

Nikolas Bastanta Sebayang (Learning And Development Expert at TDCX Malaysia – Industrial Engineering 2010)

SGU is indeed the hidden gems of all the known university, but really who would’ve thought my experience there was excellent both academic & non academic, the curriculum was challenging for me, but the lecturers has ways to make itu understandable and useful in the future, not to mention the interships and certified training, it balances the theory and practical work. Overall it is an honor to be a part of the Industrial Engineer & SGU family.

Naeil Nasir Bagis (System Development Specialist at PT Berau Coal – Industrial Engineering 2013)

Swiss German University gave me numerous beneficial experiences and opportunities during my time there. The lessons taught by our professors still prove useful for my current job, not to mention the valuable interships that gave me insight on real-life situations. The highlight of my time in SGU was the German exchange program, where I worked with international colleagues while still managing to travel with my friends.

Adiva Nindito (Associate Consultant at Ernst & Young – Industrial Engineering 2014)

What an amazing years in Swiss German University! The intership programs really opened my vision regarding what I will face in the future, therefore, being a part of SGU’s Industrial Engineering family was a perfect option to compete in the real working environment, especially in my working field right now. SGU gave me interactive experience with the great lectures, great programs, great social dan and study atmosphere.

Bramantyo Wicaksono (Marine Operation & Services at PT Pertamina – Industrial Engineering 2010)

To have experienced a real-work environment in Indonesia as well as Germany before you even graduate has been a blessing for me, and it’s all thanks to Swiss German University. During my 4 years here as an Industrial Engineering student, I had the chance to apply and hone the knowledge I’ve learned in lectures. The curriculums are up-to-date, with competent lecturers guiding you in an inclusive classroom setting. The exposures have also developed my intrapersonal skills, which is indispensable in one’s career journey. Studying here has been one of the biggest drivers to my success today.

Debra Wildansyah (Regional Demand Planner & Systems Solution at Danone – Industrial Engineering 2013)

I am really thankful to Swiss German University and its Lectures and staff for giving me a path-breaking opportunity. SGU gave a great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their field of studies within an international multicultural environment and brought the clarity of thought, knowledge, confidence, courage and conviction to my goals and me. Real time exposure was immense throughout the program. Now I’m confident to take up challenges in the industry, and it’s all because of my excellent grooming here. At SGU, everything is done to make the students life high-quality learning focused. The quality of the Lectures gives it a high academic level with their strong industry experience and abilities. Thank you, SGU!

Jessica Putri (Business Development at PT. Dexa Medica – Pharmaceutical Engineering 2013)

One of the best decisions in my life has been choosing SEE as my study program. I have benefited from their international curriculum taught by qualified lecturers which came from both academic and professional background. For our double degree we had to study a year abroad in Germany that exposed me to the global standard of education. Apart from studying, we had to do mandatory internships in Indonesia and Germany, which has provided me the best qualifications a student can get. Due to the extensive experience I received due to this study program, I was offered a job in GIZ Indonesia even before I graduated. I am currently in Sumba, NTT supporting the Sumba Iconic Island project.

Bjorn Derian Indrajaja (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationalle Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) – Sustainable Energy and Environment 2015)

Studying Sustainable Energy and Environment in SGU gave me a great chance to be exposed into all kinds of renewable energy. SGU provided us with great lecturers and staff to learn from, added with two internship periods that played a big role in shaping my professionalism. After studying SEE in SGU, I can contribute my knowledge directly to my position now in Prysmian Group, supplying various renewable energy projects with our cables and services throughout the world.

Joshua Suhadi Sabarman (International Graduate (Prysmian Graduate Program) at Prysmian Group – Sustainable Energy and Environment 2015)

Studying Sustainable Energy and Environment at Swiss German University was an incredible journey. While applying the knowledge I gained into my work and my current master’s study, I realized that the curriculum of SEE was designed to equip us with a broad yet highly technical knowledge, as I have no difficulties jumping from one topic to another, and from a superficial technicality to a deeper one. The most challenging yet enriching experience for me was the 1-year exchange period, where we had the opportunity to study and complete an internship in Germany. The international exposure was highly beneficial for the students, as we had the chance to explore a different culture. Furthermore, the internship opportunity has allowed us to experience at first-hand how renewable energy is implemented in a developed country. Overall, SGU has prepared a comprehensive yet practical program for the students to equip us with the industrial needs.

Rosa Belinda (Business Analyst at PT. Asco Prima Surya – Sustainable Energy and Environment 2014)

The design of the curriculum with compulsory internship during different stage of the study were a tremendous eye opening experience and one of the differentiating factor for the program. Upon graduating from the program, I found myself in a very good position to compete with other highly accomplished graduates.

Irwan Dani (Corporate & Investment Banking in Citigroup – Industrial Engineering 2013)

I was not only able to get Swiss working experience, but also to immerse myself in the Swiss culture. The experience here at IMI has prepared me perfectly well for the working life. The courses were very interesting and challenging at the same time. Throughout my study, IMI broadened my horizons and really changed my view about many things .

Ivana Tania (Internship at Rigi Kulm Hotel AG Lucerne Area, Switzerland – Hotel and Tourism Management 2012)

They gave me not only what is inside the text books, but also insights into engineering and automation as a whole. SGU also provides us with non-academic activities for students to grow and socialize, while expanding their networks within the campus.

Harsyadi Adhiarsa (Master Study in UK – Mechatronics 2010)